Chandre Oram's Flag


Chandre Oram


Red silk flag


Gives user the meningocele variety of spina bifida. Those who touch the resulting tail will be cured of some ailments.


User develops monkey-like tendencies. Makes potential suitors repulsed.


Praying to it.

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

April 30th, 2016



Chandre Oram is an Indian tea estate worker who lives in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. He is famous for having a 33 cm (13 inch) long tail, which has made him an object of devotion to many, who believe him to be an incarnation of Hanuman. As a consequence of his apparent resemblance to Hanuman, Oram has been visited by large numbers of people who wish to receive his blessings. Some of his followers also report miraculous healings of severe ailments after touching his tail. Oram claims to enjoy other aspects of monkey-like behaviour, including jumping, climbing, and eating bananas. Oram has set up a shrine to honour Hanuman, on top of which there is a red silk flag, which is Hanuman's symbol. As a result of not wanting to have his tail removed, he has been rejected by twenty women, though as of 2007 he is married with a child.


When prayed to, the flag gives devoters a "tail" (actially the meningocele variety of spina bifida) accompanied by monkey-like behavior. Those who touch the tail will be cured of some ailments. The bearer of the tail will also suffer by repusling any potential suitors.

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