Chandelier from the Montansier Opera House


Montansier Opera House


Crystal Chandelier


Converts sound into light


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Origin[edit | edit source]

The Montansier Opera House, known locally as Theatre National de la rue de la Loi, was the house of the Parisian Opera from 1794 to 1820, when it was destroyed after the assassination of Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, Duke of Berry. The opera house was built by premiere French actress and director, Mademoiselle Montansier, in 1793, and was originally intended to be the house for her own troupe, Comédiens de la République française, but she was imprisoned by the Reign of Terror less than two months after it was completed.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The crystals of the chandelier convert sound into a brilliant light show. The more harmonious and the better the pitch, the more entrancing and vivid the light emitted.

Mentioned as the "Crystal Chandelier from the Paris Opera House" in the tie-in novel, "A Touch of Fever".

Felix's Notes[edit | edit source]

"Decided to experiment with a few shards when I was bored. Had typical reactions to power ballads of the 80s and even some pop. Accidently played some dubstep while changing songs and the crystals exploded with enough force to embed themselves into the stone wall opposite the bench. On one hand, I lost three beakers and a blueprint I had pinned up. On the other, the crystals seem to have retained their properties and I now have a pleasing wall-mounted LED display when I listen to music."

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