Chain from St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum
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St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum




Induces psychological distress in victims until they are an empty shell of what they were


Saps user's morality until there is not right or wrong


Focusing anger and pulling chain

Collected by

Megan Wilcoxson and Pete Lattimer



Date of Collection

July 3, 2016


One of several artifacts formed from the St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum in London.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum, better known as the Bethlem Royal Hospital, is one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals still in service. The building itself was built in 1247 and was originally a priory. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the building changed roles. During the 1300s, it started to become known as a "hospital", though the term could have been used to denote a lodging for travelers. The commonly accepted date for when the first mental patients were accepted is 1403 in the details of a visitation of the Charity Commissions, though some argue that mental patients were introduced even earlier, in 1377 (though that date is conjecture, as the source of that date is a reverend who wrote a history for the hospital in 1914). It continues as a mental health institute, though the location has changed several times over the centuries.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The artifact only activates when the user pulls the chain while focusing their anger on a specific victim. The victim experiences psychological distress, slowly reducing their mental state until they are an empty shell of their former selves. Extended use results in permanent mental disorders. The user finds that the longer they use the chain on a single person, the lower their morality drops until there is no longer a right or wrong.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Neutralizing the chain will not reverse the effects on either of the victims.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Agents Megan Wilcoxson and Pete Lattimer collected this artifact from London, England after reports of a man who was arrested for causing the attempted suicide of another man. The agents discovered that the two men had gotten into several fights throughout their lives, and the one had discovered the chain's effects, using it against the victim when they met in a restaurant. Despite the chain's neutralization, the two men affected by the artifact did not return to normal.

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