Caucasian Eagle
Dollywood metal eagle sculpture


Hephaestus/Zeus/Greek Mythology


Giant Automaton


Sophisticated Homicidal AI


Isolation Chamber

Collected by

Warehouse 1
Warehouse 13


12 B.C.E. (Originally)
2014 AD (Recaptured)

Usage Period




When the Titan Prometheus stole the fire of Olympus to present to the mortals, Zeus flew into a rage. Capturing Prometheus and chaining him to a rock, he demanded Hephaestus build a giant eagle of bronze that would torment the immortal for the rest of his days. Every day the eagle would consume Prometheus' liver and every day it would grow back, ensuring a never-ending cycle of torment. Prometheus was eventually freed by the hero Herakles and the eagle disposed of.

Exact events are scarce, but the eagle seems to have survived the encounter. It was collected by Warehouse 1, but managed to escape during the transfer to Warehouse 4, when excess energy managed to activate it. Making it's way across the world, it has been mistaken for and perhaps even inspired various giant birds of myth - creatures such at the Roc, Ziz, Thunderbird and more. It eventually settled in the Himalayas, where it savagely attacked anything it encountered during it's periods of activity. It was recaptured in 2014 after a perilous high-altitude confrontation.


Built primarily as a torture device, the bronze beast is designed to attack anything it finds. It knows how to keep it's target alive, and will leave just enough life in the victim for it to return hours later. Powered by a complex system of clockwork and electricity, the automaton can remain fully operational at long as it has access to fuel and a method of self-winding. Anything, such as strong winds or the rapid changing of temperature to expand and contract it's mechanisms, can keep it ticking.

It can be disarmed by a well placed shot to jam its gears, though penetrating its solid bronze armor is no easy feat.

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