Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson's '58 Ford Thunderbird
1958 thunderbird elvira
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


Cassandra Peterson


1958 Ford Thunderbird


Releases an aura of dark spookiness in its wake


Turns driver into a sarcastic and sassy vampire



Collected by

Warehouse 13


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Cassandra Peterson got her breakthrough acting role to host the later Vincent Price’s series "Fright Night". Rebranded as Movie Macabre, the show aired b-grade horror movies for the public’s scares and stares. No haunted namesake would dare present without a bedeviled hostess, so Peterson transformed into Elvira. The Mistress of the Dark flaunted a towering beehive wig, plunging low neckline and sarcastic attitude that would make a mummy pulse.


Driving this kustom masterpiece leaves a sinister, eerie atmosphere wherever it goes. Day becomes dusk, howls and screeches fill the air and the occasional lightning flash hints at shadows too terrifying to describe. Technology like cellphones are prone to blacking out at the most inconvenient times, while others normally react with tingles and chills rather than paralyzing fear.

The driver themselves magnifies all that spooky energy upon their being. In time, they transform into a classical vampire, with some variation of fangs, flight and other ghoulish features. However, the user will crave attention more than blood, joking with stragglers whenever the chance arises.

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