Carmine Galante’s Cigar


Carmine Galante




Death Glare


Pathological need to violently gather authority


Proximity and Visual Recognition

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

April 3, 1996



Medically diagnosed as psychopathic, Carmine Galante became a notable figure in the Mafia enterprise. After being paroled for teenage theft and murder, he began carrying hits for Luciano mobster Vito Genovese. Criminals and cops tried to steer clear of Galante, as he was known to have a grim, unforgiving stare that lacked any warmth.

Galante gradually worked his way up in the Bonnano crime syndicate until he was handling drug transactions into the States with French and Sicilian crime lords. His stash was uncovered while in New Jersey and was arrested on narcotics possession. His case resulted in a mistrial when the jury foreman had “fallen” in a warehouse in the dead of night. He was found guilty during the following trial and spent 12 years imprisoned.

After his release, the Mafia’s oversight committee appointed Galante as boss to replace the ineffective Bonnano. He oversaw drug distribution, although his refusal to share, constant scrapes with the law and belief in his own invulnerability made him unlikeable to the families. The bosses, including the “retired” Bonnano, approved Galante’s killing as that of an illegitimate successor. Galante was gunned down in his cousin’s restaurant, with his signature cigar drooping from his mouth.


Noted to constantly be smoking, even when doused with water. Allows the user to cast a “death glare”, letting them cause the forthcoming death of anyone they lock eyes with. Depending on intensity of their irritation, it may cause an untimely “accident” several days after or cause the victim to just drop dead. The wielder also feels the uncontrollable need to gain authoritative power, whether it’s through careful coercion or outright barbarity.

Backfires when used during certain conditions are present, causing the user’s own demise. Presence with the New York City tristate area, usage by a repeat parolee or bringing into association with active criminal organizations will make the cigar affect the user. They will notice smoke coil around them without warning and before long, feel themselves be strangled from the inside.

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