Carl McCunn's Driver License
Driver license Illinois back late 70s


Carl McCunn




Exudes calmness in natural surroundings


Relaxes concerns into lapses of nonchalant stupidity


Wielding in the wilderness

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 3, 1995



Picturesque Alaskan outback. Glaciers, forests, wharves and more than occasional overeager beaver thinking they can inhabit or tame the wild yonder. Like Carl McCunn, a lackadaisical photographer dropped off by bush pilot near the Arctic Circle. Provisions – 500 film rolls, 1400 pounds of rations and several guns to muck around with. He thought the five extra cases of bright orange shotgun shells were a tad excessive for one camper, so they were dumped in an unsuspecting lake.

The plan was to stay for the spring and summer months, and then bolt out with a return flight. But McCunn never confirmed the flight itinerary. Nor did he inform friends and family with specifics about his little sojourn up north. By August, scrounging after drowned caribou and wolfpack leftovers became necessary.

A glimmer of hope appeared. Three times, Alaska Troopers passed his campsite overhead. McCunn made contact, slowly waltzing to his tent with right arm raised high like a victory pump. The pilots kept flying. McCunn had unknowingly gave the OK signal instead of the recognized “help get me the hell out” pose.

Instead of trekking to the nearest settlement while healthy, McCunn stayed at his campsite. Winter fell. Remaining fuel was used for a crackling fire, belongings were laid out for the search party and the rifle given one last go. Rescue found him several months later.


Amplifies serenity and calmness felt when surrounded by a pristine, unkempt environment. Enjoyment of the natural world and one’s inner self increases tremendously. Users will feel at peace, without a nary hint of anxiety or panic upon their mind. Which is actually the rub. Their senses of concern and situational awareness are so thoroughly degraded, they feel no danger. All indicators of trouble are routinely ignored until enough poor choices magnify into an indomitable flustercluck they can’t escape.

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