Carl Barks' Animation Cels
Carl Barks' Animation Cels
Cel featuring Scroog McDuck


Carl Barks


Animation Cels


Tenacity to approach any dilemma


Bad luck, then a duck



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Warehouse 13







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November 8, 2014



First known as the Good Duck artist to readers, Carl Barks upped the duck quotient in Disney, shepherding Donald Duck, his nephews and countless other zany characters into recognition. In sharp contrast to the bumbling, down-on-his-luck Donald was Uncle Scrooge McDuck, an adventuring billionaire who managed to accomplish any goal through grit and wit.

Both of these characters in a way reflected traits of Barks’ own life. He dropped out of school and worked his way from comic animator to Disney storyline overseer. Then he quit the company, became famous in the comic world and continued his quackerjack tales in painting. Back and forth was the mode of his personal life too, going through divorces, failed business ventures and anonymity in his attempts to create.


The first image displayed on the original Apple Macintosh was a picture of Scrooge in all his glory, unwittingly reaping the rewards yet to come for the fledgling company. Unwilling to submit to hardship, the user will become doggedly determined to tackle their issues head-on. All their intellect will be thrown into creating strategies on the fly, while their heart pummels through any doubts.

All that conviction to thrive makes fame and wealth come easy. However, the user is still very much prone to repeating mistakes from before. Lots of times, that luck can spiral out of control and make them lose all they achieved. Even though they won’t stop fighting, they can become a tad distressed after having returned to their prior slump. Worse, they start taking on avian features – feathers, webbed feet, even the odd morning birdsong.

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