Cardinal Richelieu's Table Knife
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Cardinal Richelieu


Table Knife


Slowly subverts enemy influence


Megalomaniac desire to control


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Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

July 24, 1855


Origin[edit | edit source]

Known far and wide as “The Red Eminence”, Cardinal Richelieu easily received the scorn of political enemies and allies alike. Raised on a continent torn apart by religious wars and detached nobility, an ambitious Armand labored to solidify France as an empire.

After several attempts, Richelieu legitimized the King’s authority over the aristocrats (and got a rogue cardinal’s cap as thanks). Promoted, Richelieu personally oversaw the destruction of uncompliant noble manors and removal of the Huguenot minority’s political rights. He even rounded down the royal cutlery, as a precaution against the peeved bourgeoisie. Enemies always hounded for his dismissal, especially within the royal family, but nobody could falter Richelieu with his network of spies and the King’s personal loyalty.

Objective one achieved – create a strongly centralized government. Next on the list was securing France’s territory, which meant squaring off against the Hapsburgs before they became too powerful. Already in control of neighboring Spain and Germany, the sly fox instead incited proxy wars. Protestant Germans, Swedes, Dutch and Spaniards all received funding to weaken the dynasty, allowing France to snatch choice land. Unfortunately, the measures emptied the royal coffers and forced steep taxes and reprisals upon the peasants.

Activation[edit | edit source]

Needs to be wielded in either a formal dining setting or politically connected juncture to initially activate. Facilities more directly attached to governance will provide a larger boost to the user’s abilities. Further usage requires the wielder to already be ambitious, calculative and a preference for working outside attention and fame.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Characterized as a scheming menace in The Three Musketeers but adored throughout France as founder of the nation state, the knife reflects more of his conniving rather than constructive nature. It is currently theorized the better half of his contributions were absorbed into his biretta.

Inflicts misfortune and terror upon the user’s enemies, rendering them weak to submission. Some events will occur without the user’s actions, such as internal dissent, loss of capital, eaten Girl Scouts cookies. Interfering directly only ramps up their suffering on a larger scale. Peoples who plead for mercy will often receive leniency, but effectively be neutered from causing nuisance.

The compulsion to control becomes too great to resist, forcing the user to subdue all potential threats. Ignoring all advice, it becomes a need to search for assets to laud power over.

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