Cai Lun's Paper
Cai lun paper


Cai Lun/ Cai Lun's first batch of paper


Old Paper


User will become paper-like


Sneaky users may feel compelled to assist in the schemes of others


Folding the paper

Collected by

Sam Wyatt



Date of Collection

August 24th, 1945



Cai Lun was a court official during the Han Dynasty. He has been credited with the invention of paper. After the death of his benefactor and ruler, Emperor He. He was about to be imprisoned for his part in the death of Royal Consort Song after Empress Dou died. Before he could be sent to prison, he poisoned himself.


When the user folds the paper he/she will turn into a paper version of themselves. They will be as flat and foldable as paper. They may even be folded into shapes without being harmed. However, the user will not be as fragile as regular paper, and not easily torn.

Some users may feel compelled to assist in the schemes of others. The side effect usually only happens to social climbers or those with sneaky personalities.


This artifact was originally found by Subhas Chandra Bose during World War 2. It was collected by agent Sam Wyatt, along with the other numerous artifacts that Bose had gathered for the Axis Powers. Bose is now in the Bronze sector.

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