Cabbage Patch Monkey Doll
The artifact within its box


Unknown (presumed ex-child owner)


(Formerly) "Cabbage Patch Kids 'Love'n Care Baby'" Doll

(Currently) Monkey Doll


When interacted with, the more lovingly the doll is cared for, the more human-like its appearance gets until it takes the form of an average "Cabbage Patch Kids" doll. When left alone, it will revert to and remain as a monkey doll.


The more negatively it is interacted with, the more primitive-primate-like the person interacting with it will behave, until their brain is reverted to that of an average non-human primate.



Collected by

Garrett Scott







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

This artifact's origins are unclear, but it is presumed by agents that it once belonged to a child, and the creation event occurred from 2 possible events:

1. The owner was very caring for its doll, but when the child either forgot or grew out of it, the doll became an artifact, and gained some form of sapience, and attained its appearance to show that despite looks, things can still be loved and loving back.

2. The child was often forgetful and neglectful of the doll, and the doll still became an artifact and gained sapience, but rather than "teaching a valuable lesson," it teaches that if you don't care for loved things, they can bite back.

Due to this artifact's nature, it is to be kept at the front of the Fun and Games Section so that agents entering the section will be reminded to interact with it to keep it calm.

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