C. Henry Kempe's Teddy Bear


Karl Heinz Kempe, aka Dr. C. Henry Kempe


Teddy bear


Hugging by someone with a history of abuse will make them emotionally stronger.


Users will first re-experience their abuse again.


Hugging by someone who has been abused

Collected by

Oto Barry and Michael Korss







Date of Collection

May 5, 1978


​Origin[edit | edit source]

Dr. C. Henry Kempe, born Karl Heinz Kempe, was a pediatrician and the first in the medical community to identify and recognize child abuse. in 1962, he and Dr. Brandt F. Steele published "The Battered Child Syndrome." He obtained a Nobel Peace prize for his cotribution to the treatment and prevention of child abuse, and his work also led to the creation of laws against child abuse in all 50 states. Born into a Jewish family in Germany during the rise of the Nazi regime, Kempe fled as a teenager and came to America.

This teddy bear belonged to young Kempe and was offered to the many children he spoke to and helped through their abuse, and absorbed both their experiences and survival.

​Effects[edit | edit source]

This teddy bear seeks to comfort those who have faced abuse in their life, primarily abuse suffered as a child, and compels those that fit the criteria to hug them. After being hugged, the bear will cause the users to re-experience their abuse, most often by seeing an apparition of their abuser as they are inflicted with the same physical, emotional, or mental torment they had previously endured. Even neutralizing the bear will not stop the specter; they can only be stopped by the victim physically disarming the abuser of the physical weapon symbolic of their abuse, or ceasing their method of non-physical abuse (such as covering their mouth), depending on the circumstance. Users will then feel stronger mentally and emotionally, having come to terms with their abuse, and will overall feel like a better person.

​Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was the second to last artifact collected by deceased agents Michael Korss and Oto Barry, and the last one collected before their falling out. It was found after a high school student going over items for a toy donation drive had found it and re-experienced past abuse from an apparition of her mother.

During attempted collection, the bear affected Barry and summoned the apparition of his abusive father, who assaulted him and Korss, nearly killing the former. It wasn't until Barry disarmed the apparition that the bear's effects ceased, and it additionally ultimately helped him finally move past his internalized negativity and lingering fear of his father.

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