C.S.A. Film Poster
What if the South had won the war?


First viewing of the film


Movie Poster


After gazing at the poster, the victim will be pulled into an alternative version of reality that is shown in the film, where the South had won the Civil War.


If the victim is unable to watch the uncensored British documentary in the alt. universe, they will be stuck in there until they do.


Looking at the poster

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Agents Mary & Aden







Date of Collection



January 2004: Sundance Film Festival[edit | edit source]

In 2004, Kevin Willmott's low budget film 'C.S.A.: Confederate States of America' was a positive hit among viewers due to it's unique mockumentary style format.  Depicting America if the South had won the Civil War, the film was presented as an 'uncensored British documentary'.  That covered the South's victory of the war with the help of foreign powers, Great Depression, Cold War, and 90s.  Viewers could see the parallels between the film and real history (Cold War being with Canada instead of Russia, Elvis being a hit in Canada, and a Clinton scandal).  

On occasion, 'commercials' would air to reinforce that this was being shown on Confederate airwaves by having products such as 'Sambo Motor Oil', 'Confederate Insurance' & 'Darky Toothpaste',  or other television shows such as a 'COPS' parody called 'RUNNERS' and a show called 'Leave it to Buela', a 'Leave it to Beaver' knock-off.

As a side note, most of the ads for products were real products at one point, such as Sambo Products, Coon Chicken Inn, and Darky Toothpaste.

Inside the CSA:[edit | edit source]

When inside, the victim will find themselves at the mercy of the liberal way of life.  Blacks, Milano, and Asians will be brought into slavery and punished while gay and bisexuals will be 're-educated' in the Christian way.  Many racist products and media will exist in full.  To escape, the victim must watch an actual copy of the 'documentary' to realize the world around them is a lie.

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