Bust of Diocletian
Diocletian bust.png


Diocletian/Diocletianic Persecution




Will attack anything Christian, and to a lesser extent Pagan


Can move, method of attack changes from time to time


Seasonal Change/Presence of Christianity or Paganism

Collected by

Warehouse 4







Date of Collection



Origins[edit | edit source]

Emperor of the Roman civilization, he helped stabilize and end the Crisis of the Third Century. Along with co-emperor Maximian and junior co-emperors Galerius and Constantius, each ruled over a quarter of the empire. He secured the borders by defeating many of Rome’s enemies, including their usual enemy Persia. He made the government more bureaucratic than it had even been before, while he started to become a more autocratic ruler. His attempt to stop inflation was counterproductive and the Diocletianic Persecution was the last, but also largest and bloodiest persecution of Christians in Roman history.

Effects[edit | edit source]

It is against anything Christian, and to a lesser extent Pagan. It can move by itself and create different ways of destroying anything not praising the Roman gods. Its methods of attack change, with its current preferred method being making anything within its gaze burst into flames.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It gets ansy during Spring Cleaning , which was about the same time the Diocletianic Persecution began.
  • It once got loose and went on a rampage against all the Christian artifacts it could find. The bust was calmed down by Pope Clement VI’s Papal Bulls so agents could neutralize it.
  • It is now strapped in to its shelf a few days before Spring Cleaning to prevent another incident.
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