Bunny Man's Axe
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Unknown/Bunny Man Urban Legend




When carried into an area with lights it will cause the lights to go out




Possession/ Proximity of lights

Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agents







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

In 1904 an asylum prison in Clifton, Virginia was shut down by successful petition of the growing population of the residents in the surrounding counties. During the transfer of the inmates to a new facility one of the fifteen transports crashed. Most of the people onboard were killed, ten escaped and the ensuing search party located all by one. During this time locals began to find hundreds of cleanly skinned and half eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging in the trees in the surrounding areas. Another search located the remains of a drifter in the same position as the rabbits however hung in an underpass. These circumstances led the public to call the missing inmate "The Bunny Man" and where the drifter was found, "Bunny Man Bridge" After a month of freedom the police located the Bunny Man identifying him as Douglas J. Grifon. However during their attempt to apprehend him at the overpass he darted onto the train tracks and was killed by an oncoming train. Police on scene say that they heard laughter following the train as it passed. For years after the Bunny Man's death the carcasses of dead rabbits appeared handing from the bridge and surrounding areas. Since Grifon was originally arrested for killing his family on Halloween people often report a figure standing under the Bridge or watching passerby's from on it.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When carried into an area with lights it will cause the lights to go out, once it leaves the area the lights turn back on.

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