Bullfighter Estoque A.K.A. 'Faena Rapier'


Currently Unknown


A bullfighter's sword with a red handle


Gives the user the strength of a bull as well as the flair and expensive taste.


User slowly gains a urge for the injury and blood of others.


Unsheathing the sword

Collected by

Consultant Nikki Nola







Date of Collection



1726: Ronda, SpainEdit

While it is thought to be the sword that Fransisco Romero used to slay the first bull in the now-traditional manner of bull fighting, a current lack of evidence has yet to prove this.

Any way, the sword seems to have picked up the bravery and nobleship of the various Matadors who have used it, as well the power of the bulls that the it had slain.

Today: New ZealandEdit

When five powerful pings went off in New Zealand, all five H.A.R.P. Consultants found themselves on the set of the newest season of the Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Dance Fever.  Realizing that each of the main actors were being affected, the Consultants decided to split up to cover more ground.

Deciding that putting blade against blade was the smartest idea, Nikki wielding the Vorpal Dagger, investigated into the Red Paso Ranger, Isaac Scarleton.  It seemed that where ever he went, more and more dangerous accidents seemed to occur to the other actors and crew.  She also noted is flamboyant taste in lifestyle only had recently emerged when he began acting on set.  Tracing the incidents on set, she found out that Isaac was causing them himself to satisfy the sword's downside.  After a breif sword fight, Nikki managed to wrestle the sword away and nuetrealize it.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0303 'Power Rangers: Artifact Recovery'Edit
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