Bruce Lee's Punching Bag
Bruce lee punching bag


Bruce Lee


Punching Bag


Alters density of muscle


User will attack any agitator



Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

April 12, 1992



Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong and American actor, martial artist, philosopher, filmmaker, and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do. Originally born in San Francisco, his family moved to Hong Kong until his late teens, where his father introduced him to the world of acting. However, he was known for getting into brawls with local gangs and criminals, forcing his parents to enroll him in martial arts training courses. The legendary Wing Chun master Yip Man taught Lee, making him one of a handful of pupils that were personally trained by Yip. He later moved back to America and competed in martial arts competitions, creating the famous “one inch punch” that other martial artists were not prepared for. Lee still got into fights, as he challenged fighter Wong Jack Man to a private duel over the Chinese community’s preference to not teach non-Asians.

It was during this same period Lee started to enter the field of film. One of his first roles was as manservant Kato on “The Green Hornet”, although he was unsatisfied playing menial roles. He returned to Hong Kong studios and began producing martial arts films the way he wanted, showcasing the skill of his signature fighting style, jeet kune do. An offshoot of Wing Chun, the style was renowned for having no particular rules and focusing on all around fitness to promote better fighting.


Causes the subjects’ muscle mass to alter density, becoming pliable and lithe to almost rock solid consistency. Allows for fearsome strikes with no windup, impenetrable skin and unnatural agility. Causes the user to lose their temper easily and become irritated by small inconveniences and the people who cause them, usually resulting in fights.

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