Bricks from the Collyer Brothers's Home
Collyer Bricks.jpg
A set of Five bricks that was from Homer and Langely Collyer's House


Collyer Brothers Home Debris




Instant Gravitational Attraction of objects in a Mile radius


Crushes anything that is remotely close to rubble



Collected by

Agent Arthur Nielson


Dark Vault


Podium 44

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

A set of five bricks that was from Homer and Langely Collyer's home, originally part of the foundation. The Collyer brothers Homer and Langley were compulsive hoarders and had whatever space that wasn't occupied with objects in their Manhatten home booby-trapped to prevent tthieves. They were well known by locals at the time for the eccentricity.

Homer and Langley died under unusual and tragic circumstances. Before his death, Homer had become blind and mostly paralyzed, staying in his room and relying on his brother for care. One day, as Langley was coming to deliver food to his brother, he tripped one of the houses traps and was crushed to death. Homer, unable to fend for himself, died of starvation soon after.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When any of the bricks are held, all movable objects are drawn to the holder at rapid speeds from up to a mile away. The gravitational pull, however, instantly crushes anyone near the bricks. There is expected to be more bricks that have remained un-snagged, as only five from the foundations of the Collyers home have been recovered.

Agents have noted that when nearby, they sometimes hear a sickeneing crushing sound and a foul smell is detected.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored on a podium in the Dark Vault. All of the Bricks are placed on the same podium, carefully stacked. There is a one foot neutralizer field protecting the artifacts, and an alarm is set to go off in case of any agent crossing the field without permission.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. Any actual direct handling of the artifacts is strictly forbidden because of the sheer destructive power that will result. If the artifacts need to be moved, they must be frozen within a block of neutralizer two inches thick before handling directly. Keep frozen until placed back.

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