Brahan Seer’s Adder Stone


Brahan Seer


Adder Stone


Shows what will happen in a location’s future


Can not see into the immediate future


Shining sunlight through the hole and looking through it

Collected by

J. Harpe



Date of Collection

August 10, 1945



Brahan Seer from the clan MacKenzie was a prophet in the 17th century. He made his predictions with his adder stone, a glassy like stone with a hole in the middle. Among his predictions was the eventual fall of the clan, a description of their mute and deaf leader and a flood, all correct.

Another prediction was world chaos by the time five bridges were built over River Ness. Five bridges were completed in August 1939; the following month, Germany invaded Poland. Seer also mentioned fire, flood and disaster by the completion of the ninth bridge over Ness. It was built in 1987 and in 1988 the Piper Alpha oil platform exploded.


The stone lets the user see what will happen in a location’s future. The user must look at the sun through the hole in the stone to activate. They then hold it up to their eye and scan the area, seeing events that will unfold. The user will not know when these events will take place, but the stone will never show events within the immediate future.


This artifact was originally found by Subhas Chandra Bose and was in his cache of artifacts. It was collected by agent Jane Harpe on August 10th, 1945.

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