Bradshaw Dreamtime Rock Painting


Bradshaw Figures, Northwest Kimberley


Ancient Rock Paintings


Access to ancestral lives and experiences


Danger of becoming trapped within their past existence


Possession of a personal ‘totem’

Collected by

Warehouse 12





Date of Collection

March 23, 1895



Australian rock painting, cut off from the rest of the world, flourished uninterrupted for thousands of years. Many entailed the bizzare fauna found among the deserts and the spiritual rituals of Dreamtime.

To many Aboriginal tribes, the process of Dreaming exists separate from conventional time. It allows practitioners to connect with a shared heritage formed at creation, experiencing the knowledge of all their ancestors and descendants. Dreaming is a communal effort, which requires the permission of elders before one can begin adding to the tribe’s collective story.

Located in the northernmost region, the Bradshaw Figures were first recorded in the 1890s. A passing farmer recorded from memory, and later photos, rock art unique from others across the continent. They had more vivid colors, distinctive figures shown in motion and artistic hints towards gender.


Allows the bearer to access memories of ancestors and deceased family members, gaining generations of insight. To activate, the user must possess a totem, either a personal possession or object commonly associated with them in life and focus on communicating with that individual.

Although unable to converse with the dead or change any of their actions, the wielder can inhabit the other’s body. For short periods of time, they will experience every thought, impulse and sensation the user once had. However, it can become tempting to witness a great life without end. Users can become trapped to bounce around their ancestors existence, devoid of any autonomy over their own body.

This astral projection-like phenomenon drove brilliant Warehouse 12 agent Wells to create her final time machine variation. Intending to send her consciousness backwards and save her daughter's life, she failed and instead ended with her partner killed by her machine. She immediately requested a voluntary Bronzing to think over her mistakes and plans.

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