Boudica's Helmet
Celtic helmet.jpg
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” - The Mourning Bride






Covers anything in smoldering cinders


Intensifies vengeance to the point of self-immolation


Exposure to hatred or pain

Collected by

Warehouse 3







Date of Collection

84 AD


Origin[edit | edit source]

Boudica was an Iceni queen in ancient Britannia, and a very vengeful one at that (for good reason, however) . The Romans, who once removed the threat of neighboring tribes, now intruded upon their lands. They stationed legionnaires outposts, banned all non-hunting weapons and scoffed at Boudica’s right to rule by annexing their territory, flogging Boudica and raping her daughters.

In response, Boudica collaborated with former enemy tribes to raise an army. They burned the colonial cities Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulanium to rubble, which are still marked today with a layer of ash. In their conquests, they killed approximately 70,000 people, including Romans, enemy tribesmen and an entire legion. When the Romans sent reinforcements, the rebellion fell apart and Boudica died in infamy until her rediscovery centuries later.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The user can project hot, smoldering ash and charcoal on anything when in a state of intense rage or pain. Any target will be quickly engulfed until only a pile of cinders and dying embers remain. When more people support the user’s acts, they each gain a diluted version of the effects, burning through anything they touch.

Users should note the helmet acts as a method and amplifier to one’s own aggression. Prodding them further will result in more destructive, large scale chaos but also endanger the user themselves. Their desire to oppress all enemies for past crimes can reach critical and recognize the user as tinder, setting them alight.

When inactive, it releases lots of steam and flickers in brightness like an uncontrolled fire. Due to its useful potential, Warehouse 12 regents decided to use it as a limitless energy source to power the facilities. After its shipment to Warehouse 13, it was used only in a limited capacity due to unrelated incidents with other power generating artifacts.

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