Boris Karloff's Frankenstein Costume


Boris Karloff / Frankenstein




Magnifies strength to levels of several people


Causes notoriety through physical disfigurement and social rejection


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Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

March 20, 1992


Origin[edit | edit source]

Criminals, mad scientists and an assortment of other rogues were portrayed by Boris Karloff in his first 80 movies. His next role as Frankenstein’s Monster cemented his status as a horror legend.

Released in 1931, the green goliath soon became the definitive depiction: towering height, deathly pallor, enlarged cranium, sewed-up skin, lurching walk, metal bolts and craving for admiration… or vengeance. Not too shabby, considering Karloff was never credited in the original cast call beyond a question mark.

Karloff continued playing his famous character for many movies and branched out to other, less makeup intensive roles (like the Mummy). Most people may not realize they actually recognize Karloff’s deep vocals as the Grinch and narrator from the beloved Christmas special.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wearing any piece of the original costume increases strength levels to superhuman proportion. The user will feel like they have the combined energy and muscular strength of several people and grow in size to accommodate the abnormal changes. However, they retain all their original intelligence, speed and articulation.

Users can end up badly scarred or traumatized in freak accidents, making movement and communication a struggle. Every physical condition and emotional outburst the wearer has will be harshly interpreted by anybody, no matter the context.

All onlookers will feel disturbed by the wearer’s presence and continually intimidate them into leaving, sometimes forcibly. The concentrated stress is known to cause subjects to either flee in dejection or fight with intense fury.

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