Bobby Greenlease Jr’s Rocking Horse
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Bobby's abduction


Rocking Horse


Warns of ill intent


Could get violent


Proximity/ ill intent

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Warehouse 13







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Origin[edit | edit source]

Robert "Bobby" Greenlease Jr (1947 - 1953) was the six year old son of the multi-millionaire automobile dealer Robert Greenlease Sr. Bobby was the victim of a kidnapping, which led to the largest ransom payment in American history (at the time). Bobby's kidnappers however had no intention of returning him to his family. Before the ransom demand was even issued he had been murdered by his kidnappers, Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Emily Heady.

In September, Hall and Heady kidnapped Bobby from Notre Dame de Sion, a Catholic school. Heady entered the school after convincing a nun that she was Bobby's aunt, informing her that his mother had a heart attack. By the time the Greenleases discovered the ruse the couple were gone, taking the child across state lines. Just over the border Hall pulled over and killed the child. The next day Hall and Heady sent out the ransom demanding a ransom of $600k ($5.7 million today). Robert was so desperate to save his son he held off the police and the FBI, paying the money. After separating the money and ways Hall was eventually arrested. Turning on Heady, Hall implicated her pointing police to her apartment and Bobby's shallow grave.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Horse rocks whenever a person with ill intent towards children is in its proximity. The darker the intentions the more violent it rocks.

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