Bob Braham’s Lifejacket
"Up there the world is divided into bastards and suckers. Make your choice."

- Derek Robinson


Bob Braham




Parabolic Sight of Nearby Aircraft Instrumentation


Anger Inducement



Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

March 29, 2012



John Randall Daniel "Bob" Braham (1920-1974) was an English Royal Air Force night fighter pilot who participated in the defense of the British Isles in WWII. The most decorated man in the RAF Fighter Command, Braham claimed a total of 29 official enemy aircraft defeats, 19 of which were at night.

Originally a pilot during the Battle of Britain in 1940, Braham continued flying defense along the coastline during the Blitz. On May 9, 1941, Braham identified and shot down a German He 111 plane by spotting eclipsed stars in the night sky. As souvenirs, Braham and his long-time radar operator Bill Gregory received the two German life jackets within the plane. Braham so preferred this life jacket he wore it until he was shot down in 1944.

While flying over Funen, Denmark, an altercation with two German Fw 190 pilots caused him to crash land, and he was immediately captured and imprisoned in Stalag Luft III for the remainder of the war until Allied forces captured the prison. When Braham returned home, his family had difficulty accepting his aggressive temper. Braham himself was disillusioned by the continuation of wartime poverty, being hounded by the public, and the gradual cutbacks of aviation programs.


Imbued with Braham's uncanny ability to understand enemy aircraft, when worn, this artifact lets the user see the instrumentation panels of any nearby aircraft. It will give the user enough background information to understand the location, velocity vector and the critical systems. They can even glance at the co-pilot or towards the ground to gauge the co-pilot's experience level and relative position. The wearer will become prone to fits of anger if they feel disturbed or pestered.

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