Blue Suede Shoes
Blue suede shoes
“Whatever you do, don’t step on the man’s blue suedes! I still couldn’t feel my shins for weeks after” – Agent P. Lattimer


Carl Perkins / Elvis Presley




Immunity to daily nuisances and setbacks


Complete meltdown regarding "important" personal matters


Wearing and Singing


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Blue Suede Shoes” was one of the first songs marking the formal inception of modern day rock and roll. As the story goes, its rise to prominence was an unplanned multi-artist effort. Johnny Cash recounted to musician Carl Perkins the tale of an airman who always referred to his fancy party shoes as “blue suedes”. Perkins randomly heard a honky-tonk date yell out “Don’t step on my suedes!”, and the idea for a song simmered in his mind. After finalizing the lyrics on a brown paper bag, Perkins produced his golden hit with Sun Studios.

Fellow crooner Elvis Presley adored the song so much, he followed up with his own version after Perkins’ original started dropping in the charts. Paired with the King’s charisma, tv appearances and usage in the film G. I. Blues, the new Suedes again became a phenomenon.


Well, you can knock me down / Step in my face / Slander my name / All over the place

"Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh / Honey, lay off of my shoes / Don't you step on my blue suede shoes / You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes"

Reflecting the song’s lyrics with stunning resolve, the user will be unfazed by nearly any misfortune on their daily routine. Every little routine problem and surprise obstacle just becomes a task to accept and shrug off. Usually.

There are those few random issues the user would never previously ignore or be thrown into a total frenzy when mishandled. The organization of their room, usage of their personal subscription, sarcastic remarks and even hiding the cookies can make the user explode in outrage.

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