Birthing Charm
"I'm sorry, Artie, next time the choice comes up between a shape-shifting trophy wife with an ax to grind or a pregnancy helper, I'll be sure to make the right decision!"

- Claudia Donovan






Healthy Birth Assurance


Causes uterus didelphys in newborn females


Wearing during childbirth


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Origins[edit | edit source]

The condition uterus didelphys is a rare condition that affects approximately .1-.5% of all females, who are born with two sets of reproductive organs, and as a result also have two wombs. Because of this, pregnancy success rates are significantly reduced, even more so if the babies in both wombs are developing at close to the same time. The average rate of a birthing a living child is only 40%, and the chance of seeing the pregnancy to term is only 20%. It can also come with premature birthing. Despite this, there are records of successful births from both wombs, most recently in 2009. There is also records of a woman successfully delivering triplets who had this condition, though the eggs were implanted (the approximate odds of that occurring naturally are 1 in 25 million).

Effects[edit | edit source]

This artifact was created during the successful birth of the most recent case in 2009. This artifact allows for the successful birth of any child despite normal difficulties that may make it harder. However, the downside is that any females the user gives birth to are born with the condition uterus didelphys - unless, of course, if the user already has the condition, in which case the child will be born normally without uterus didelphys.

It is not currently known if there is any consequence to giving birth to a male while wearing this charm.

Status[edit | edit source]

This artifact was found about by Claudia Donovan during a mission to a hospital. However, the artifact was not deemed dangerous enough as the one they were chasing, and the artifact disappeared by the end of their mission. Because of the rather docile nature of this artifact, it is not high on the Warehouse's priority list.

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