Billy the Puppet’s Tricycle
"I want to play a game."


Billy the Puppet/Saw Franchise




Distorts reality to create lethal deathtraps




Placing doll on tricycle

Collected by

Oto Barry (early 2000s)
Felix Draco



Date of Collection

February 22, 2015


Origins[edit | edit source]

Billy the puppet is the creepy stage face that the Jigsaw Killer uses to communicate with his victims in the SAW film franchise. He is famous for explaining myriad deathtraps and riding a small tricycle.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Combined with a doll, this artifact can warp reality and create pocket dimensions of torture for its victims. Such areas are unremarkable from the outside, but inside may have size and mechanical capabilities far beyond what would be architecturally possible.

Traps created are always identical to those from the SAW series of films to start with, though if the victim survives the artifact uses the opportunity to learn and create more original traps based on the psyche of the prisoners. There seems to be no true escape from the death maze apart from separating the doll from the tricycle, as it seems to function as a conduit for the artifact. Any doll can be used, not just one of Billy the Puppet.

Victims seem to be chosen at random while they are alone.

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