Billy the Kid's Boots
Cowboy boots.jpg


Henry McCarty


Riding Boots


Spatial Precognition of Hazardous Elements


Directs User Towards Danger



Collected by

Warehouse 12


Fausto-Domenti 2281D





Date of Collection

May 27, 1895



Born Henry McCarthy and called William H. Bonney, most people just know him simply as Billy the Kid. Orphaned at an early age, the infamous outlaw began his criminal career as a lawful farmhand who killed a blacksmith during a scuffle. Thus, started his pattern of getting violently involved in scrapes and subsequently fleeing the local marshals. At least eight deaths are directly attributed to his handiwork, ranging from drunkards to lawmen.

Renowned for his precision shooting in any situation, the Kid tried avenging his friend John Tunstall after he was murdered by competing Lincoln County ranchers. Bonney agreed several times to testify for an amnesty agreement, but always ditched his wardens whenever an opportunity appeared. During one escape, he killed two sheriff’s deputies and brought himself to the full attention of the law. Several months of hiding culminated in his shooting by Sheriff Pat Garrett, who previously captured Bonney.

Due to his legendary status as a 21-year-old, straight-shooting cattle rustler who riled both criminals and officials, Billy the Kid has been immortalized as an American icon. Some experts even argue Billy escaped his supposed death, living on long after the frontier closed.


The user will sense an ominous wave of concern when they approach perilous situations. Every vibe is attuned to a specific threat nearby that has a high likelihood of harming the person within the next several days. Actively interacting with the problem can quell the user’s worries if they successfully eliminate the danger, or worsen their fears if they accelerated events.

Ever the one to challenge opponents when deemed necessary, Billy’s boots take the same approach. The user will never back down from a threat before deciding to handle it first, even if they know their decision is highly risky. Running only becomes an option after they horrifically bungle their chances.

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