Billy Club from the Stanford Prison Experiment
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Stanford Prison Experiment


Billy Club


User will have an increased need for respect and authority to the point where they will become violent with any deviant.


Effect increases during times of stress and pressure in an exponentially form.


Touch while under stress/pressure

Collected by

Consultants Bri Rependata & Matt Sordens







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Origin[edit | edit source]

Psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo ran a social experiment in the basement of a University where he hired 24 males who were randomly assigned the role of either a prisoner or guard. The guards were then told to quote, "You can create feelings of boredom in the prisoners, a sense of fear to some degree, you can create a notion of arbitrariness that their life is totally controlled by us", and were given khaki shirts and pants, as well as mirrored sunglasses and batons to enforce authority.

During the experiment, the prisoners didn't take their role professionally, and thus 'rebelled', which in turn caused the guards to break the revolt, using fire extinguishers to punish them as well as removing mattresses and forcing the prisoners to be naked.

The guards increased their punishments and humiliation ramped up over the three days as if they had done something wrong.

Prisoner 8612 was the first to break...but the people playing the guards didn't believe what they were doing could possibly break them, but as it went on more and more people kept breaking down.

The Prison Experiment ended after Zimbardo's girlfriend made him realize that he had grown to find delight in the experiment, and was disgusted by what he had become.

This is one of the Billy Clubs that was carried by one of the mock guards. It absorbed all of the sadistic power that the guards took out on the prisoners.

Today: Palo Alto, California[edit | edit source]

When an unusual string of police brutality crime sprang up in Palo Alto, it was glanced over at first, until the fact that the police causing the bruality was a different cop, and usually a very well-mannered one at that, each time. When investagating, Warehouse Consultants Bri Rependata remembered the the Stanford Prison Experiment that took place not far from Palo Alto. As it turned out, one of the billy clubs had been pilfered after the experiment and wound up in the hands of the police officers who were currently under pressure of budget cuts.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0110 'Give Me Liberty'[edit | edit source]
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