Bill Watterson's Transmogrifier Gun


Bill Watterson


Squirt Gun


Using an image from the users mind, transmogrifies the physical body of whatever it is fired at.


Transmogrifications are permanent until the object is changed back by the gun or by the following midnight. The gun has limited juice per day, and the larger the transmorgrification the more energy the gun uses.


Firing the trigger

Collected by

Sandy Calecer







Date of Collection

November 15th, 2012



A plastic squirt gun with multi-colored innards surrounded by a translucent plastic skin.


Unknown whether Bill Watterson himself created this artifact or if it inspired him to draw it.

Collection Edit

Agent Sandy Calecer collected this artifact with help from Agents Steven Jinks and Claudia Donavan after a high schooler in Mississippi tried using the artifact to play 'Fairy Godmother' for her friends for the prom. Agent Jinks was accidently turned into an owl, Claudia a dandelion, and Sandy a light particle before the artifact could finally be acquisitioned from the trigger-happy teen and her curious younger brother.


Firing the gun at an object while having a mental image in the users mind will transmogrify the object into that image. The gun will take any suggestion that pops into the head of the user, and it isn't uncommon for the transformations to be a little off due to a distracted mindset - for example, speaking metaphorically whilst holding the gun. ("You're such a pansy!" "I'm safe!" "Well, I feel like dirt.")

The gun can reverse the effects by firing at the afflicted object with a clear mental image of what it was originally, but all effects automatically reverse upon the next midnight.

The gun has a limited amount of energy that is rejuvenated every day - using it too much renders the gun ineffective until it recharges completely (also at every midnight). The larger the transmogrification, the more energy is used.

It is important to note that the only thing that changes through the transmogrification is the physical body - a person transformed into a dog, for example, still has all of the psyche that they had as a human. Additionally, voice patterns remain the same and fully functional unless the transmogrified object lacks a mouth or other site of inflection.


The gun is somehow connected to the one seen in Bill Watterson's comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.


Agent Sandy Calecer has been known to use this gun instead of a Tesla.

Filling the squirtgun with a liquid is generally a bad idea, since it has a habit of turning whatever it transmogrifies into some form of that liquid - putting in water, for example, may ire the gun into turning its target into ice cubes; or grape juice may inspire a large grape vine.

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