Bill Todman's 'Penny Ante' Board


Bill Todman, "The Price is Right'


Penny Ante Board


Guessing compulsion


Money loss and inability to read prices if guessed incorrectly


Touching the board

Collected by

Warehouse 13 agents


Television Section





Date of Collection

February 1, 1998


Introduction Edit

This "Penny Ante" board was used in the game show, "The Price is Right." Contestants were given three pennies, and were then showed an item with four possible prices. Contestants would need only one penny left to win the game, and if they lost all three pennies after guessing incorrectly, they lost. The machine has four buttons, each of which either lead to a "YES" or a "NO" sign.

Effects Edit

When someone presses one of the buttons on the machine, it will turn on and play the classic "Penny Ante" game. The machine compels the player to guess the price of the item that is displayed. Sometimes, the people who are compelled to play the game guess wrong, and as a result they lose 1 penny. However, there is a 50% chance that the player will have one penny left and win the game. If the player loses, they will be temporarily unable to read prices correctly. If money is not inserted into the machine, then it will compel people to play with it, even if they don't touch the buttons.

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