Bill France Sr.'s Key Bowl
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William Henry Getty "Bill" France


Ceramic Bowl


Automobile Technopathy


Physiological Backlash


Placing a car key inside

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Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

4 February 2005


Origin Edit

William Henry Getty France (1909-1992), otherwise known as Bill France Sr. and Big Bill, was an American race car driver and racing promoter, known for his creation of the American stock-car racing organization NASCAR, as well as the construction of the Daytona International Speedway and the Talledega Superspeedway.

Prior to the rules and regulations France created with NASCAR, drivers were often victimized by racing promoters, who would leave town before the end of the race and take the profits of the race with them. Under France's direction, industry professionals came together to not only ensure that the sport assured drivers of their due earnings, but also solidified other important details, such as insurance coverage and rules of entry.

France served as CEO of NASCAR until 1972, when he passed on the mantle to his son, Bill France Jr.

Effects Edit

The ceramic vase that France used to keep his car keys in, this artifact was imbued with France's love of racing during his racing days and his eventual regulation of the sport. When a car key is placed within the confines of the vase, the owner of the vase can control that car as if they themselves were driving it any time they wish. Extreme damage to the car, however, can cause reciprocal damage to the user.

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