Betty White's Pearl Earrings


Betty White


Pearl Earrings


Provides youthful energy to wearer


Feeds on attention and public identity to work




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Origins[edit | edit source]

Betty Marion White is an American actress, comedian, presenter, singer, author and television personality. In 2013 she was presented a Guiness World Record for the longest television career for a female entertainer, a career lasting 64 years and counting. She has recieved lifetime achievement awards from the Aerican Comedy Awards, the Screen Actors Guild and the British Academy of Flim and Television Arts. Despite her age she has remained energetic and full of life well into her nineties and shows little signs of stopping.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The reason for her youthful vigour was discovered in 1980, when the Artifact Detection System picked up artifact traces on a pair of pearl-studded earrings in her possesion. Artie and James confronted her about the nature of her jewelry and, due to the mostly passive effects, allowed her to keep them. The earrings were arranged to be transported to the Warehouse upon Betty's death.

The earrings, when worn, provide the wearer with a youthful energy than allows them to maintain good health and physical stability. The only downside is that for the effects to work, the wearer must be in the public eye. The pearls draw their power from attention, the more peple focused on the wearer, the more energy the earrings provide. Because of this, they would be rather useless for anyone but a well known public figure.

The earrings work even with pre-recorded events, activating at random intervals due to people watching re-runs of Betty White films and television shows. Because of the connection to Betty White and the fact no-one else has ever worn them, it is unknown if anyone else could actually make use of the effects or not.

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