Betty MacDonald's Pouch


Betty MacDonald




Absorbs illness and turns it into a bean that must be eaten or illness returns more potent than before.


Person who eats the bean will have their insides turned to ash.


When held and separated from book.

Collected by

Agents Bering and Jinks







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

The pouch that is considered the artifact came with a special edition of Mrs. Piggle - Wiggle's Farm. In the book Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle received a chest fill of magical cures left to her by her deceased husband who had been a pirate. Because a chest was too heavy to carry around so Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle used magic to shrink the cures down and kept them in a pouch. In the book the cures range from mundane, a cure for naughty children who wont pick up after themselves to the fantastic, interrupting cure which makes someone mute when they try to interrupt. Since Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm was the first book to mention these cures the special edition came with the pouch.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Instead of holding actual cures inside, the pouch starts out completely empty. When separated from the book and held in a sick person's hand the illness appears as a colored smoke (Cancer comes out as violet smoke) and goes into the pouch where a green bean is formed. The bean looks like an innocent lima bean. If eaten within an hour the one who ate it has his/her internal organs to turn ash. If the hour passes without the bean being consumed the original sick person becomes terminal.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Becomes activated when removed from being next to the book, this being the case means that the two are never to be apart.

Agents Bering and Jinks went to a maximum security prison where inmates were dying at an alarming rate. They discovered that the priest who would come to speak to the prisoners also made rounds at a local Saint Jude's Children's Hospital about a thirty minute drive away. The priest would take illnesses from sick children and convince death row inmates that absolution would come in the form of saving a child's life. A misguided attempt to do some good they retrieved the pouch just before the priest left the prison to do missionary work overseas.

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