Beta Version of Civilization: Call to Power


Beta testing of Civilization: Call to Power


Computer game


Instills players with feelings of god-like omnipotence.


Detachment from reality


Playing the game for prolonged periods of time

Collected by

Artie Nielson



Date of Collection

June 8th, 1999


Origin[edit | edit source]

Sidney K. "Sid" Meier is the programmer, designer, and producer of several video games, most notably his "Civilization" series. The object of the game is to design worlds and build municipalities that the user may then develop in various ways.

Effects[edit | edit source]

After the user plays the game for a prolonged time, the time is estimated at eight hours, he/she will begin to experience feelings of omnipotence and a disconnection from reality.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Artie collected the game from a beta tester in Wyoming. It was brought to his attention by a police report about a foul odor issued by the user's neighbors. When police came to investigate they found the unwashed tester ranting about how he was a god that could knock down their world with a single click. After hosing him off, the man was brought in for a psychiatric evaluation.

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