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Life before Warehouse 2[edit | edit source]

Born in 80 BC in the Egyptian city of Naucratis Bes was the only child of farmers. After a civil war left Bes an orphan he took to stealing to survive. A mostly successful thief Bes was only caught when he decided to take more than what he needed. Aside from his few times in prison where he felt he deserved to serve time he was also known to escape easily. Due to the small nature of his crimes the authorities never punished him further than a few days. As he got older he would supplement his thefts working as a farm hand doing odd jobs for people that needed him.

Warehouse 2[edit | edit source]

In 52 BC Bes was caught by Amuet after he managed to steal Artaxerxes II's Treaty of Antalcidas before she could. Amuet was able to get into the palace archives where it was being stored thanks to her relationship with Cleopatra and was surprised to see a stone move back into place when she arrived. Before this theft the elderly couple who Bes had been living with had lost their crops due to a bandit raid. A buyer for the treaty offered enough money for them to keep the farm so Bes spent days studying the architecture of the palace until he discovered several hidden passageways. After selling the treaty Bes learned that the buyer had been Her-ben, a regent, who had noticed his skills along with Panhsj, a former royal guard. Having impressed them they reached out and offered a place within their ranks.

Death[edit | edit source]

Archives note that Bes died in Africa after contracting malaria while looking for an artifact. Died in 41 BC (?)

Notable Artifacts Collected[edit | edit source]

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