Bertram Forer's Paper Ball
Bertram Forer's Paper Ball


Bertram Forer


Paper ball


Opening the ball reveals a vague personality statement that the reader is convinced is specifically true to them.


They will put absolute trust in the ball and become obsessed with it.



Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agent







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Bertram Forer was an American psychologist most famous for demonstrating what was known as the "Forer Effect", where all his students were given an apparently individualized personality sketch based on a personality quiz, which they marked out of 5 for accuracy. The class average was 4.26, indicating highly positive results. However, the sketch was identical for every student, and was taken from an astrology book. The statements in the sketch were vague enough to apply to nearly everyone, causing the students to trust the results are legitimate. The effect was popularised by famous hoaxer P.T. Barnum. This paper ball was discarded by Bertram Forer just after the conduction of his famous experiment.


Opening opening up the paper ball into a full sheet of paper, a message will be revealed about the reader's personality, although it is vague like the statements given in Forer's experiment. However, even people who are aware of the effect will become convinced that the paper can read them, mirroring the Forer effect's use in fraudulent fortune telling and astrology. The person will become obsessed with the ball, becoming desperate to re-open it and receive more "information" about themselves, similar to how some people put absolute obsessive trust into fortune tellers and astrologers.


Warehouse 13 was alerted to the presence of this artifact not long after Bertram Forer conducted his famous experiment. The students that the experiment was conducted on found this paper ball discarded by Forer, and discovered it's effects by opening it. The ball was spread around the students as some sort of mystical fortune telling paper. However, the sheer amount of students that used it caused uproar when people became so obsessed with the ball that they fought to reclaim it and use it again. When agents tracked down the ball and neutralised it, all the student were returned to normal.

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