Benito de Soto’s Black Joke
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Benito de Soto


Pirate Ship


Those that try to board turn insane and go into a murderous rage attempting to kill anyone around them.





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Warehouse 11 Agents






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Benito de Soto (1805 – 1830) was a Galilean pirate and captain of the Burla Negra (Black Joke). Soto was the most notorious of the last generation of pirates to plunder shipping in the Atlantic. He proved to be one of the most bloodthirsty pirates of any age, murdering entire crews who fell into his hands without mercy before sinking their ships. The most infamous episode in Soto's career was when the Black Joke happened upon the Morning Star in route from Ceylon to England. After killing some of the passengers and crew with cannon fire, Soto murdered the captain and took possession of the ship. Many of the captured crew were killed, while women passengers were raped before Soto's men locked them in the hold with the rest of the survivors. When Soto discovered there were survivors locked away and not murdered he killed several of his own men before turning and trying to find the Morning Star to sink. However the survivors managed to break free and keep the ship from sinking being rescued the next day. Turning and sailing for Corunna, where he discovered the Morning Star was going to drop some passengers off. Instead of finding the Morning Star they found a small brig where Soto had the entire crew minus one murdered. Ordering the last man to sail the Black Joke into Corunna. Upon arrival Soto blew the man's brains out. The blood of everyone Soto murdered was absorbed into the ship and when it was sunk after striking some hidden reef, forcing Soto to land, it actually rose from the waters and sailed off into the night.


The anger and blood imbued into the ship allows it to sail itself, those who try to board turn insane and go into a murderous rage attempting to kill anyone around them.

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