Benedict Arnold's Wig
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Benedict Arnold




Distributes user’s recognition for their achievements to others


Reflects other’s misery, anguish and hardships onto wearer



Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

March 2, 1842


Origin[edit | edit source]

Benedict Arnold was an American general during the Revolutionary War who infamously turned traitor and tried to hand over control of military fort West Point to the British. Arnold distinguished himself for his valor on the battlefield by taking charge of capturing Fort Ticonderoga, even though Green Mountain Boy Ethan Allen usually receives greater recognition. He led a contingent of men through difficult passage to overtake Quebec and although he did, Arnold shattered his leg and acquired many enemies for his command. He was later promoted to Major General but lacked the accompanying seniority given to other officers of the rank, even though he commanded the Americans in the Battle of Saratoga (and shattered his leg again).

Withdrawing to Philadelphia, Arnold set about profiting from the war to compensate his massive personal debts from funding the Continental Army. It was in this city he met love interest Peggy Shippen, who introduced him to British spymaster John André. Convinced by his long held beliefs of unsuitable military and economic compensation, Arnold negotiated to surrender West Point to the British for financial security and a rank befitting of his accomplishments. However, the plot was discovered and Arnold narrowly capture, fighting until the war formally ended.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Disperses credit for the user’s achievements onto others present, regardless of how vital their participation was. Although filling others with pride and gladness, the user suffers from extreme discontent and self-loathing. It also redirects others misfortune onto wearer, causing them to suffer financial losses, sudden injuries and reversals in status within a flash.

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