Benedict Arnold's Sword
Benedict Arnold Sword


Benedict Arnold




People slashed by this blade will emit several British shillings.


Anyone who unsheathes this sword will murder people close to them


Unsheathing the sword

Collected by

Bri Rependata and Tyler Lepido







Date of Collection




Benedict Arnold was a general and war hero during the American Revolution for colonial soldiers. However, in September 1780 Arnold attempted to betray the fort West Point to British soldiers. However, the attack was repelled and West Point remained in colonial hands. The hurt of Arnold's betrayal for nothing but monet fueled the purpose of this artifact.

Today: West Point, New YorkEdit

The sword of Benedict Arnold was first pinged in West Point, New York. The first cases were all when corpses started showing up at local schools, colleges, and restaurants filled with British pounds. Agents Bri and Tyler of H.A.R.P.  went to a local history expert in a town nearby, Rick Palmer, for advise on the area's history. Later, it was revealed that a former student of Rick's was under the influence of the sword and began to attack Rick at his home. In the struggle, the student accidently stabbed Rick's wife through the heart and murdered her. Bri and Tyler detained the sword, and from there Rick Palmer became an agent for Warehouse 13.

Felix's NotesEdit

"Was startled by Tyler and accidently sent around a thousand volts into the sword, which blasted it into a wall. The blade suffered some small damage, though it was enough to change the resonance of energy in the artifact. Instead of British pounds, the blade now emits shilling coins, minted in the same year. The coins evaporate after a while, seemingly in following of the law against creating matter from nothing. Perhaps the sword transmutes blood to keep the currency solid?"

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