Belle Gunness' Wheelbarrow


Belle Gunness




Causes surprise death


Effects; is very unkind towards men


Always active

Collected by

Warehouse 13


The Dark Vault


Podium FS-6

Date of Collection

March 29, 1926


Origin[edit | edit source]

Belle Gunness was a serial killer who killed most of her lovers, husbands and children to collect life insurance and other valuable goods or to eliminate possible witnesses. At six feet and weighing over 200 pounds, she is reported to have killed between 25 and 40 people over several decades. She was never arrested or convicted, and the farmhouse which she used to lure single, wealthy men. Gunness' farmhouse burned down on 28 April 1908, killing four people, including three children and one decapitated woman. While the woman was initially believed to be Belle, it was later proven to be incorrect. Her body was never found, though her distinctive dental work was found in the ashes. Unconfirmed sightings of her continued right up until the 1930s. This wheelbarrow was used to cover up the bodies of victims with dirt and bury them.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Once belonging to the famed serial killer, this Wheelbarrow is thought to be either attracted to 'accidents' or able to create them, accidents that lead to a fatal and surprise death. It isn't surprising to see it trying to roll across the Dark Vault's floor, even though a specially designed car boot that has it's own supply of neutralizer is firmly attached to it's wheel. It doesn't particularly like men, either.

Agents have noted seeing a body appear in the Wheelbarrow while it is in their peripheral vision. This body is never present when directly observed.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored in a three-foot neutralizer field. A specially designed car boot with its own supply of neutralizer is firmly attached to the wheel, although the artifact still attempts moves on its own. A special sensor has been placed on the perimeter of the field's ring which sends an alert when the artifact reaches the ring.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. Only female agents are permitted to handle the artifact. If the artifact needs to be moved from its field for any length of time, use the Original Sticky String to keep the artifact from moving while outside of the Vault.

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