Beauty And The Beast's Rose




Red Rose


Flower grotesquely deforms owner.


After activation, the petals fall. If owner can not find love before the last petal falls, they will die, and the flower will use their life energy to heal itself.


Pricking finger on thorn

Collected by

Agents Damon Moon and Myka Bering


Dark Vault


Podium 5

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

Unknown of who the Rose belonged to, but Warehouse Officials belive that power of the Walt Disney movie, "Beauty And The Beast" created the Artifact.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The Rose is a beautiful and dangerous artifact to certain people. When held, one will always inadvertantly end up pricking a finger on one of the thorns. When this happens, and almost instant change in appearance occurs, making the victim deformed and beast-like. in this stage, the rose is considered 'active'. Every day the affected is in this state, one of the 19 petals will drop from the Rose. When the last petal falls, the Rose will drain the life out of the victim completely, leaving them dead, but otherwise unhearmed and reverted back to their previous form. The Rose them blooms anew, with one more petal than last time.

The only way to end the cycle prematurely, thus saving the life of the target, is if they are kissed by their 'true love'. Not being a Disney movie, however, true love is difficult to define to a singular point. In one case, it was the kiss of a wife that broke the 'curse', another time it was a teenage romance. Yet another time, it was the love of a mother that ended the effect. The only constant seemed to be that both parties believed that there was true love present.

Agents have noted that when this artifact is approached, sounds of a woman crying can be heard and the Rose appears to shudder slightly as if touched.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored in a neutralizer-filled vase on a podium in the Dark Vault.

Neutralizer-infused gardening gloves are mandatory to prevent accidental activation. Handle the artifact carefully when moving it from the podium and store in a special neutralizer container when outside of the neutralizer field.

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