Bavarian Breaking Wheel Machine
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Execution of Matthias Klostermayr


Torture device


The machine ensnares anybody who comes within close proximity of it. The wheel then crushes the person's limbs identically to how it would be used by the torturers




Proximity (to saltire)

Collected by

Warehouse 11 Agent


The Dark Vault/Vlad-768R


Podium# FS-14 (Dark Vault)/70548-555 (Torture)



Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

The breaking wheel is a torture device thought to have been developed in 6th century Gaul, which generally encompasses the victim's limbs being crushed by a wheel. This particular breaking wheel machine was developed in 18th century Bavaria, Germany, and as used to execute Matthias Klostermayr, a German outlaw who operated in Bavaria under the name Bavarian Hiasl. It involves the victim being bound to a wooden saltire, where the executioners proceeded to crush the victim's limbs with a wheel.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Coming into close proximity with the wooden saltire will cause the ropes to ensnare the victim and bind them to the cross. When they are fully trapped, the wheel begins to move of it's own free will, and proceeds to crush the victim's limbs, much like how the executioner's would do it. When the victim is dead, the machine lets them go and shifts them off the saltire. It is nigh impossible to escape once ensnared, although there are accounts of one very lucky Warehouse agent who managed to get free.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The wheel part of the machine was first snagged by Warehouse 11 agents after several people were found dead with crushed limbs. However, the saltire was not thought to be part of it and was left. Not long after storing the wheel, it was found to still move of it's own free will, crashing into the walls of the Warehouse. The direction of the wheel was found to point back to Bavaria, where the wheel was snagged. Agents returned to Germany and snagged the saltire, making sure to keep the wheel very secure. When Warehouse 13 was established, the saltire was moved to the Dark Vault, and the wheel was moved to Vlad-768R, highly secured in case anybody got close to the saltire.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

To prevent accidental activation, the Saltire is stored in the Dark Vault in a special neutralizer field against the wall with a one foot radius. The Wheel is tied down to the floor in the Torture Room with special neutralizer chains.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. If the Saltire needs to be moved, spray down with neutralizer before moving. The neutralizer will prevent activation for two minutes. If an agent becomes tied to the Saltire, soak in neutralizer to release the agent.

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