Battle of Fishguard Hurdy Gurdy
Hurdy gurdy


Battle of Fishguard, 1798


Stringed Instrument


Widespread accidents and mishaps


City infrastructure shutdown




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Meant to spread the liberty kindled by Revolutionary France, Fishguard was supposed to be a proud moment for the new regime. Instead, it failed in nearly every possible manner. Now all it's known for is being the last (failed) invasion of Britain.

The plan was simple: send an army to campaign through cities. Unfortunately, all the professional soldiers were busy fighting under Napoleon and left Colonel Tate with 1400 reject conscripts and work-release convicts. Only one of three armies actually reached Fishguard, at which point most either deserted or got drunk off imported wine. The native Welsh were uninterested, while the native Brits prepared for battle. Seeing no good outcomes, the French unconditionally surrendered and later traded home in prisoner exchanges.


Playing within cities and other settlements will cause all logistics to vanish in smoke. It worsens the scale of accidents and mistakes, causing them to affect more people over a faster rate. Incidents occur too often to handle appropriately, usually causing a complete and utter halt to activity.

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