Banishing Traffic Light
Banishing Traffic Light.jpg
Red light, green light




Fourway hanging traffic light


Minor banishment


Night time

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Trap Aisle

Date of Collection




The artifact was discovered in Mancos, Colorado near an elementary school down an out of the way dirt road. It was discovered that some people using that road to get home from school found themselves traveling down it for hours at a time instead of the normal few minutes. The Warehouse was alerted after residents called the FBI worrying that something was wrong such as a gas leak. Agents accepted that claim and bagged the artifact.


A traffic light with three lights on each of the four faces of it. At night if a person approaches it they are forced to play a version of the children's game Red Light, Green Light. If the person attempts to approach the artifact while the red light is activated they are instantly relocated at least a block, at least 900 feet, from the artifact.


Has bound with the Ape Cave Rock and is stored near it, the sunlight keeping it neutralized.

Note: Theories that the item is shifting people back in time or into a parallel universe have been explored and dismissed.

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