Baji Rao I's Pata Sword
Gauntlet sword


Baji Rao I






Ability to collect taxes


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Baji Rao I served the Maratha Empire as a general at the tender age of 20. During a lifetime of service, Rao never lost a single battle. Total warfare was their strategy. Living off the land, disrupting supply lines and then surprising enemies with cavalry charges.

Treaties with neighboring Mughal districts allowed the Maratha to collect chauth, legalized protection money. Rao wanted to assert dominance, so he campaigned against all the other territories. He assisted local Nizams and chieftains overthrow Mughal strength in the Deccan and Malwa regions. When they resisted, Rao destroyed them in battle and forced them to surrender. Each time, the kingdom received massive amounts of territory and revenue from their newest subjects.


Waving in the air alters the landscape directly around the user, as far as the horizon allows. They can crunch up mounds into mountains, summon sinkholes and make treacherous terrain passable. The strength of the effects depends upon how much money they can attain from taxes. High-ranking officials and measly government workers can both get the sword to operate, but at different levels of control.

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