Babushka's Scrub Brush


Babushka Folktale


Cleaning Brush


Removes all grime and enhances concentration


Loss of time management, incites mild melancholia



Collected by

Warehouse 13


Aisle of Noel





Date of Collection

June 18, 1974



Known as “grandmother” in Russia, the babushka occupies a special story during the holidays. In one tiny town lived a woman named Babushka, who all day cleaned her house to immaculate condition on par with palaces. While performing her daily chores, a brilliant star shined in the night and drew onlookers from far lands. Her heavy workload inspired no interest in searching the skies, until she received a heavy knock on the door.

Three kings had journeyed to witness the star themselves, and had chosen to stay overnight in the village’s finest house. They each believed at their final destination, they would discover the next born king. After mulling over their requests, Babushka agreed to travel with them only after she found a suitable toy. She had plenty leftover after her young son’s passing, but she needed to dust them off for presentation to a king. She awoke to daytime, and the trio had left.

Afraid she had missed her chance, Babushka scurried across the towns in the footsteps of the kings. Wherever Babushka went, she had just missed them by days. Finally reaching Bethlehem, Babushka discovered the baby and each king had departed to separate ways. It is told Babushka is still searching for that baby today, revealed to be the infant Jesus Christ.


Will immediately remove any surface staining and dirt, regardless of material. The user also becomes more attentive to their work and difficult to distract. However, their intense concentration also causes them to lapse in accounting for changes in time. The sensations of hours and minutes will often be confused together, causing them to continually be late. It also incites a mild amount of melancholia and sadness in adults who have lost a young child of any relation.

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