Auguste Deter’s Marbles
Clay marbles
“I have lost myself, so to say.”


Auguste Deter


Clay Marbles


Memory encapsulation


Symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s



Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 23, 1996



Alzheimer’s is an unfortunate disorder, attacking the outer cortex as time passes. Dementia, loss of motor control, slurred speech and intense mood swings all become common as the disease makes it course. Psychiatrist Aloysius Alzheimer began treating Auguste Deter in 1901, assigned to a mental institution due to memory loss, night terrors and delusive states. She remained unable to remember simple facts about her life or the lunch from a moment ago, often rambling on disconnected thoughts. Sessions often saw her awareness switch from annoyance, anger to self-pity.

When she passed, Aloysius continued researching the disease of forgetfulness to discover signs of brain tissue degeneration. Later studies using the original slides concluded a defect in the PSEN1 gene to keep memory functionable, and diagnosed her with one of the earliest recorded cases of early onset Alzheimer’s.


Spinning and rolling gobbles up different memories. Playing with it again allows others to witness them in passing, but only returning them to the original person will reunite the two halves. It appears each marble can hold multiple memories at once, but can only show them individually. What’s left inside the person’s mind is a mixture of hazy moments and inconsistent thoughts. Many mood wings are caused by their brain failing to stitch together a cohesive story with the limited information remaining.


  • Thought to be the source of the idiom “lose your marbles”, although still just a theory to this day.
  • Was stored, maybe intentionally, alongside other Disneyland placed artifacts to siphon off artistic burnout for short exposures. A clear connection has been made by agents to the post-acquisition Pixar film Inside Out in its visual presentation of memory and emotion as small orbs.
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