Athena Cyke's Glove
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Athena Cykes/Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Black Glove


Allows the wearer access to the Mood Matrix; wearer picks up on subtle emotional cues


Wearer's sense of hearing is amplified to the point of constant pain; hearing both sounds and emotional


Being worn

Collected by

Consultants Nola and Biston



Date of Collection



Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (2013)[edit | edit source]

With the fifth game in the Ace Attorney series came a lot of new elements and familiar faces. Among the cast of returning characters was a new female lawyer named Athena Cykes. Where as Wright had his Magatema and Apollo had his bracelet, Athena had a new mechanic that was central to her character: the Mood Matrix.

The Mood Matrix allowed her to pick up on subtle emotional cues in the witness's testimony, allowing for her to press on certain statements in order to get to the bottom of the truth. To access the program, Athena had a special glove that worked with the holographic interface

Albany, New York: Today[edit | edit source]

When news of a new court practice of 'reading' emotions was being used in Albany, Consultants Nola and Biston were sent to retrieve it. Before leaving, Tyler filled them in on the snag that Steve and Claudia had in Colorado a few years earlier with Apollo Justice's Bracelet and how this could easily be tied to the Ace Attorney series.

Once there, the two agents spent time tailing the lawyer who had the artifact to find that she purposely would avoid crowded spaces and would stay in nightly. Right as the Consultants went in to collect the artifact, the lawyer was placed under arrest for the murder of the District Attorney. She was able to pass on the glove to Blaine, to which the glove bonded to.

Despite the glove in their possession, Blaine felt obligated to help the lawyer so he faked credentials for himself (using Athena's backstory from the game as the base) and took to the stand. However, he was soon under bombardment from his hearing, as it was overloaded him with both sound and the emotions of those around him.

Pushing through, he was able to use the Mood Matrix to prove the innocence of the lawyer and get her out of jail. Once she was free, Blaine had the artifact neutralized, and they explained to her that the glove was a piece of old experimental technology that had gone haywire.

Once back at the Warehouse, Blaine has taken an interest in the artifact despite the D-BES having been shelved...

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