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Digital Tag Display[edit | edit source]

In the later years here at the Warehouse, the tags switched from old paper to slick digital. Not every artifact has a display but many do.

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When making an Artifact Display for an artifact use these rules for a Show Accurate display.

Use the correct font for display:

  • Arial with Bold: Use this for the main title and for the Properties and Warning.
  • OCR Font in Bold: The very top and bottom of the Display card use this font, as shown in the default.
  • Index Card: Not every display has a card, even in the show. It is up to the maker to put one in.
  • All text should be written in ALL CAPS.

Image editing software, such as Photoshop or Gimp should be used to apply the text and artifact photos to the Templates provided.

Display Card Infomation[edit | edit source]

  • When putting in the top information, put the first two initials of the person like so: AD (Artifact Display)
  • Next, add a number sign (#). Space it, then enter with digits of the form: 00000-0000-0000.
  • At the right top edge, put the reference number as REF in all caps with another number sign (#). Space it and put digits in the form: 00000000-000

Now the top should read like this:

AD# 00000-0000-0000                                       REF# 00000000-000


How to make a display card from Warehouse 13

How to make a display card from Warehouse 13

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